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Kazakhstan Association of Welding is the Authorized National Body for Personnel Certification System (PCS) in Welding complying with standard ISO 14731 “Welding Coordination – Tasks and Responsibilities”.

Safety and profit depend on technical control of welding operations. Key staff in all welding related activities needs to have an appropriate level of competence in welding technology and its application.

ISO 14731 “Welding Coordination – Tasks and Responsibilities” requires people with welding or welding related responsibilities to be able to demonstrate that they are competent to carry out those responsibilities. In turn, ISO 14731 is a key component of ISO 3834 “Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials”, an International standard that is widely quoted in product standards and specifications. 

This Certification Scheme provides a way to assess and recognized job competence. It defines the profile of education, knowledge, experience and responsibility required for a range of welding tasks, and provides a professional assessment procedure. Certification is concerned with current competence rather than historical attainment and periodic renewal is required. Therefore, the scheme provides a convincing way of supporting companies seeking to achieve compliance with ISO 14731.

The international personnel certification system advantages

  • Easier recognition of company staff competences and know how;
  • Clear, high profile, independent verification of compliances by the world’s leading authority in welding;
  • Confirmation of job competence;
  • The certification is obtained via demonstration of knowledge and experience;
  • Easy way to ensure that welding personnel fulfill the standard requirements of ISO 3834 and ISO 14731;
  • The international Personnel Certification System is linked to the international Qualification System.

Excellence in welding personnel certification system

The IIW and EWF have developed a personnel certification system aiming job competence validation for welding coordinators.

A key feature to achieve a high quality level in welding production is to ensure that people with welding responsibilities in a manufacturer are competent to develop their activities.

Companies that are seeking for their certification according to ISO 3834 need to comply with personnel requirements. One possible route is to have IIW Certified Welding Coordinators.


  1. Technical knowledge requirement

“IIW Engineer”

“IIW Technologist”

“IIW Specialist”

“IIW Practitioner”

(IIW diploma)

  1. Three (3) years recent experience relevant job content and level
  2. Demonstration of maintaining and developing technical knowledge
  3. ANB assessment
  4. Issue of Certificate “Certified IIW Engineer” (Renewed every 3 years by repeating steps 2, 3 and 4 above – “Surveillance”)


  • Certified International Welding Engineer (CIWE)
  • Certified International Welding Technologist (CIWT)
  • Certified International welding Specialist (CIWS)
  • Certified International Welding Practitioner (CIWP)

For more detailed information on certification, please feel free to contact Kazakhstan Welding Association KazWeld.