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Safety and profit depends on technical control of welding operations. Key staff in welding related activities needs to have an appropriate level of competence in welding technology and its application. In addition to employing competent welders, manufacturers should ensure that engineers, technicians, inspectors who deal with welding matters have proven relevant competence.

Requirements to achieve the welding inspector certification:

  1. Demonstration of knowledge and skills (IIW diploma holder)
  2. An applicant must have a minimum of two years’ experience in the three-year period prior to certification, which demonstrate successful application of knowledge and skill in welding inspection at the appropriate level.
  3. A applicant and existing certified persons are required to demonstrate that they are maintaining and updating their knowledge relevant to the area in which he practice for example by implementing a personnel scheme for professional development. 

Certified persons are awarded one of the following titles, according to the level of qualification and job activity:

IIW Qualification Required

Certification Title

International Welding Inspector - Comprehensive  

Certified  Welding Inspector  - Comprehensive (CWI-C)

International Welding Inspector  - Standard

Certified Welding Inspector  - Standard (CWI-S)

International Welding Inspector  - Basic

Certified Welding Inspector  - Basic (CWI-B)


The certificate have a validity of three years from the date of the decision on certification; at the expiration a renewal procedure has to be followed in order to renew and retain certified status. At the three-year renewal point, the holder is required to apply for certification renewal to Kazakhstan Welding Association “KazWeld”.

For more detailed information on certification, please feel free to contact Kazakhstan Welding Association KazWeld.