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Benefits of kazweld Membership

Kazakhstan Welding Association «KazWeld» invites you for cooperation and collaboration in improving the welding production in the Republic of Kazakhstan, development of human capital, development and modernization of professional education system, introduction of innovative teaching methods, implementation of the state program for accelerated industrial and innovative development of  Kazakhstan in terms of technical regulation and creation of quality infrastructure, introduction of advanced technological processes of welding equipment and welding materials.


As a KazWeld member, you hereby:

1. Assist in implementation of the order of the President of State and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to promote Kazakhstan Welding Project.

2. Support the policy of the State in:

  • increasing the local content in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • improving the quality and competitiveness of welding products;
  • improving the employment prospects;
  • improving the technical literacy of citizens of Kazakhstan;
  • accelerating the industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • implementing the strategy "Kazakhstan's way - 2050"  for becoming one of the 30 developed countries in the world;
  • improving and introducing the innovative teaching methods.


3. Become a member of the International welding society

4. Get the priority:

  • to be promoted in the international exhibitions, conferences, mass media etc.
  • to get discounts on KazWeld services, for example, company certification, certification of welding personnel and so on;
  • to send  your workers for training to any of the approved training bodies across the country;
  • to apply for hiring the graduates of any approved training bodies  ;
  • to give suggestions for the formation of the plans and activities of the welding association;
  • to participate in the management of the association;
  • to make suggestions in the training programs in terms of their expansion and in-depth study of relevant topics.


5. Be informed on the latest global welding technology and "know-how".